Evolving Emotions: Overwhelming Prospects

Smothered in paper

Opening and closing


My laptop and textbook


Cups of coffee surround me

Highly caffeinated, sleep deprived students


Talk and walk quickly

Obviously overwhelmed and


Doing all they can

On the path to graduation…


Stumbling upon an

Open space


Magnificent newness

Unknown to me

Cautiously approaching what is

Hardly familiar


Too many places



Sights to behold


Exploration to embark on


Sorrowful words

Over who I could have been


Mulling over who I could be



Happening now


To become

Obsolete is likely


But to become

Extraordinary would be spectacular.

So much to do. So much to see. So much to be. How beautifully unfortunate.

Evolving Emotions: The Inventor’s Mind 

Majestic but plain

Concrete but finicky

Mysterious but disclosed


Triumphant yet bittersweet

Crazed yet sane


Wholesomeness twisted

Into a contortion of the purest will


What is it that you want from me?

A craving that torments your inner satisfaction


A sadistic masterpiece

Of enrapturing composition


Tweaked by the mind

Solidified in the soul

Written on the tongue

Etched in the heart


A chase amidst insanity

Within the mind

Barriers to the complete

The creation


Each intricately aligned

Precisely where intended

For the eye to digest

And for the mouth to gasp in disbelief


The beauty in perfect imperfection

Synonymous antonyms

Arranged for the insane guest

Amidst a chase towards insanity


Evolving Emotions: Resolve

A much-awaited blank slate

A fresh commencement

A new beginning


Millions flock

With hopeful hearts

And passionate gazes


Purchase a membership

Begin an instrument

Preserve the coin


Stop smoking

Quit biting your nails

End negative self-talk


Do better

Be better

Live better


Newfound confidence

In a person, just the same

In a year, just the same

As before


A new package

Wrapping glimmers beneath

An optimistic bow


Inside a gray waste

Previous aspirations

Tossed aside

A mangled mess of guilt awry


Pointlessness is relative

Some cling to goals

Triumph in the struggle

And come out champions of their mind


Most others agree

A new year

Is a number.






The moment motivation grips you

Run with it

Awaiting that square on your calendar

Is an absurd venture


Move your body

And achieve


One life to live

Why spend it waiting?


Why say, I’ll stop and smell the roses next year?

Evolving Emotions: Not Very Merry

Why must the numbness set in?

Amidst the bountiful wreaths

The warm greetings

And a fireplace to match


Creeping into my mind

Infiltrating my thoughts

Manipulating my chest

Bleeding from my mouth


The eyes dull

The limbs lose concentration

The body stills


A blankness overwhelms

Focus settles

On the gleaming whiteness

Of the open air


Crispness envelops

The winter scene

Of snowy scapes

And a body on its surface


An icy chill works its way into the soul

There is no struggle

No escape

The bitter cold sets in

Solidifying the monstrous mind within


No matter.



As the children make angels in the snow,

The families rejoice in melodious activity,

And the merriment of all relaxes the world,


Am I here

On this Earth

Without a joy in my heart?


No matter.

Sorry, this poem was a bit of a downer. I truly hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. It’s important to make the most of life and create memories with those you care about. Share those moments, laugh, soak it in. Tell people you love them and don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. Don’t be like the person in this poem!! Wishing you a joyous and healthy end of the year, EKArts.
Here’s a more cheerful one! <|:)

Evolving Emotions: Never Quite Right

A strange place

The table isn’t quite situated

On the once whole tiling

Proper is the word


The smell that once greeted me

Feels out of place

Inside my lungs, it is a stranger


What has become of

The inhabitants

Which I thought I knew?


Nothing could’ve prepared

My mind, my body

For this upheaval 






In the now fractured life

I stubbornly live

My arms crave a rope

My feet, solid ground 

Unsatisfied is the word


This bizarre, unsatisfying abode

Which I once called home

Is now alien

With a peculiar look

And paint laced with difference 


Will things return

To the gaps in my head?


Will I find peace

And solace in the disruption?


Nothing will take its original form

The form has shifted

The feeling has shifted 


My perception has crossed

Into a foreign land


Unbeknownst to me

This is only the beginning 


Evolving Emotions: Counterfeit Consciousness

Smiling faces inundate my view

Their cheer attempts to breach my brain

Hammering away at the worry

The fears

The anxiety

To no avail


Laughter fills the air

These lungs of mine force

The artificial happiness sweeps from my breath

Choking on insincerity


The sight of fresh and falling snow

Brings enthusiasm to the limbs

Mine mimic

In an awkward sort of way


Inside a bubble

Apart from others

Left with the thoughts

That consume me

Waking and sleeping

Smiling and laughing


I’m crying now





Yet the worries never cease

The jerking movements

The false air

The smeared smile


Faking in the pursuit

Of realness