Marge Makes Comics #21: Marge Fixes Cats

I’m sorry I keep talking about Cats I’M SORRY I KEEP TALKING ABOUT CATS!!!!

Speaking of 2D animated versions of Cats, read this article by Cartoon Brew if you want to hear about Steven Spielberg’s attempts to make a Cats movie in the 90’s and see some gorgeous character design (and get very angry about how ugly the Cats movie is). Or just watch Cats Don’t Dance! It’s delightful and Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t write it!

Marge Makes Comics #18: Not Quite a Comic But Definitely a Plug for Helicon

This is more of an illustration than a comic, but! Ya know!!! Sometimes you’re cowboy. And sometimes you center your IP (integrative project see here) around cowboys until you become cowboy.

On another note! If you want to see some more cowboy/girl/bug drawings of mine, please come to the Helicon student exhibition “Spilt Milk”! The Helicon student shows are always a super fun way to get involved with the art scene on campus, I’ve been submitting work to their student shows for three years now and it’s always a blast. Come on down to 101 West Liberty st. from 8-11 pm tonight to check out this show!