The Poetry Snapshot: Navigating to Nowhere

Welcome to the nights of the beautifully broken,
a sign we should’ve passed on this unraveling road.
Music slips through every word unspoken
and you begin to navigate us to nowhere.

We are driving without a destination in mind,
I could not fall asleep, so I fall apart instead.
These silent roads are all intertwined,
and you continue to navigate us to nowhere.

Like a sudden deer in headlights, our conversation changes.
We tense up, and then release all inhibitions.
This dynamic is starting to reach new stages,
and you accurately navigate us to nowhere.

We eventually reach nowhere without a hurry.
But still, this long drive has gone by,
in the blink of an eye.
And now looking back, it’s starting to seem blurry,
so again, I want you to navigate us to nowhere.

Westmont, Illinois © Neha Allathur Photography

The Poetry Snapshot: A Modern Love Story

You can feel the midnight rush on her streets.
You never know who you are going to meet.
You hear the faint sprinting sound of feet,
as someone unfamiliar tries to catch her last bus fleet.

She always gives you a reason to be dressed up,
to forever feel young even when you’re all grown-up.
Everyone that walks by carries a different story.
Even her forgotten corners have their own sense of glory.

The minute you arrive you do not want to leave,
because you never know what she has up her sleeve.
And despite all the lonely dances, you will always be entranced.

Neha Allathur Photography © New York City

The Poetry Snapshot: A Rose Filtered Autumn Day

The stroke of autumn colors swipe across the evening sky.
An every day miracle;
I catch a glimpse as I walk nearby.
Leaves in every shade of red hit the ground,
and crunch beneath my feet with a familiar sound.
Golden rays ricochet off everything it grazes,
and touches my face with soft embraces.

But what I say may not be all real or true.
It is nothing but a rose-filtered view.
And what a wonderful way to view this world,
through my own poetic hue.
I find beauty in the smallest of things,
and it is a royal way of living,
like true queens and kings.

The Nichols Arboretum, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Poetry Snapshot: An Imperfect Moment

You want to share stories and emotions,
but you’re afraid to be open.
So you pause and look out at the ocean,
and count the silences between the waves.
You sit quietly, just listening.

Neha Allathur Photography © Lake Huron, Michigan

So much history runs through my mind,
and I cannot collect any words to say.
These pulses of anxiety feel unrefined,
but I still want to stay by your side.
So I sit quietly, just listening.

Conflicted with what we want,
we finally reach an impasse.
We pretend to stay nonchalant,
with ebbs and flows of imperfect moments.
We sit quietly, just listening.

Listening for all the unsaid words.
Listening for all the stifled laughter.
Listening to every wave crash on land.
Listening to everyone else around us.

Just not listening to each other.


The Poetry Snapshot: One Way Street

I’m constantly under construction,
like a Michigan road.
Because it’s easier to bear a storm,
when you are always closed.

 Neha Allathur Photography © Ann Arbor, MI

I’ve created so much distance from all the concrete I’ve mixed and poured,
It becomes easier for you to remember all the things I’ve ignored.

I envision us to someday
be a magnificent highway.
We’d span from urban cities to rural fields,
designed like a beautiful cliché.

But instead,
all our memories
now feel bittersweet.
Because for too long,
this friendship
has felt like a one way street.


After having a few difficult conversations this month, this poem is a reminder to reach out to the people you care about. To tell them how much you value them. To be vulnerable in meaningful relationships.

The Poetry Snapshot: Side by Side

We are a fusion of opposites.
The depth of our care is that of an ocean.
Your consistent flow of life is sliced
by my ebbs of chaos and energy,
but we find treasure from what washes ashore.

One, two, three.
One, two, three.
You dance to the beat of your mood.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
I run to the rhythm of my environment.
But we still find harmony in our steps.

You are the golden honey from the morning sun.
And I am the silver reflection of the midnight moon.
We provide night and day on our own,
but at dawn and dusk we paint the sky together.

We are a fusion of opposites.
But I smile,
knowing that we still walk together.
Side by side,
as sisters.

Rattlesnake Hike © Neha Allathur Photography