Ode to Bojack Horseman

(Netflix) You’ve probably heard of the universally-acclaimed Netflix original show by now. The adult animated comedy-drama is getting ready for its fifth season this summer, and I couldn’t be more ready. People praise it because it is so real: a satirical take on Hollywood culture, Bojack doesn’t hold back on issues such as depression, self-destruction, … Continue reading Ode to Bojack Horseman

The Inherent Tragedy of High School Musical

Last week, I watched High School Musical for the first time. I know. According to the overwhelming consensus of my friends who grew up cheering for the Wildcats and hating Sharpay, I did not have a childhood. Unsurprisingly, I loved…hating the movie. The plot is derivative and meandering. The acting is amateurish and unconvincing. Even … Continue reading The Inherent Tragedy of High School Musical