An evening at MSG

Two concert tickets: $300 Dinner consisting of dorm food with one of your closest friends: $10 One concert T-shirt to be shared with your brother: $30 An evening spent at MSG watching your younger brother awkwardly “dance” to the sounds of one of the greatest rappers alive while simultaneously getting showered by alcohol and enveloped … Continue reading An evening at MSG

Artists Around Us

“Sharing is Caring!” “Spread the News!” “Extra, Extra, Read All About it!” A theme that I often find myself circling is spreading the word.  Sharing thoughts and ideas and then reading all about them.  Word of mouth travels faster than anything it seems.  Its also usually occurs during casual conversations at events, parties, and dates. … Continue reading Artists Around Us

Sunday Funnies

Recently, one of my roommate’s family moved out of state. Not wanting to simply cancel their subscription to the Free Press, the delivery address got changed to our apartment here in Ann Arbor. Personally, I’m not a big news reader.  I’ll pick up the Daily from time to time and I’m actually pretty good about … Continue reading Sunday Funnies


This ‘Winter’ Break, often incorrectly uttered Spring Break by many Michiganders, I decided to go home.  I wanted a break.  A break from the hustle and bustle of college life, from my life in Ann Arbor.  I wanted to go somewhere comfortable, new, refreshing.  College is great, but it sure is difficult.  Our generation seemed … Continue reading Breaks