Basil + Gideon #8: Ghost Diner

I’m trying out this 3 row page layout instead of my usual 4 row layout. I’m still fairly new to comics so I want to test different strategies for storytelling and figure out what works best for me. Not sure about this one yet, I might switch back next week, but first impressions: 3 rows means I make less panels overall than the previous layout, so the visual narrative needs to be more succinct, but I can put a little more time and detail into each panel. If anyone has a favorite comic layout or suggestions and would like to share, I’d love to hear it!

Basil + Gideon is an ongoing narrative comic, if this is your first time reading check out the first installment here!

Marge Makes Comics #21: Marge Fixes Cats

I’m sorry I keep talking about Cats I’M SORRY I KEEP TALKING ABOUT CATS!!!!

Speaking of 2D animated versions of Cats, read this article by Cartoon Brew if you want to hear about Steven Spielberg’s attempts to make a Cats movie in the 90’s and see some gorgeous character design (and get very angry about how ugly the Cats movie is). Or just watch Cats Don’t Dance! It’s delightful and Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t write it!

she’s so hard (comic preview)

TWO PAGES this time because I want to show you all what I’ve been working on! These are the first of 14 pages of a queer slice of life comic I’m working on called She’s So Hard, for my Narrative Forms class with Holly Hughes. I had fun working on it, but I’m not sure about the style so I’m thinking about reworking it over the break and pitching it to a local comics press. Feel free to share any feedback on how it looks!