Immersive #17: Mind Map

Creator’s Note: We use mind maps to draw out hierarchical relations, clarifying relations developed within the networks of the mind. These help us draw connections between related and unrelated topics to better visualize how everything comes together in the larger picture. In our own lives, we create hierarchies in who and what we connect the most with, which ultimately affects how we shape our identities. As a result, through this week’s graphic, we explore this web of relationships and analyze the sources where we base our identity upon. Hope you all enjoy.

Immersive #16: Greeting Card

Creator’s Note: For notable events in our lives, we often send or receive greeting cards, wishing the recipient well in their respective endeavors. It’s a way of projecting our hopes for a brighter future, whether or not we fully believe in at the time. As a result, these statements can sometimes turn into platitudes, rendering the message of a greeting card worth as much as the material it was constructed from. However, it all depends on the intentions behind the message and if we perceive it to be sincere. Therefore, through the medium of a greeting card, I turn to examine the language that we default to and how we, either as outsiders or insiders, evaluate the thoughtfulness of the message in relation to how close we perceive the sender to be. Enjoy!

Immersive #15: Terminal

Creator’s Note: Coding is often used as a way for us to communicate with computers, to create a list of instructions for the computer to follow under certain conditions. And while we aren’t robots spray-painted chromium with a network of wires supporting our entire being, the push towards integrating artificial intelligence into all aspects of our lives indicates a desire towards harmony between the between human beings and machine. In all of our actions, there lies a system of logic that causes us to intake and act upon stimuli given prior knowledge, and through this week’s article, we explore this system through outlining the decision making process for interacting with a stranger. I hope you enjoy this foray into coding!

Immersive #14: Powerpoint

Creator’s Note: This week I wanted to explore how slides are typically used to present information and tell a holistic narrative in a clean and decisive manner to an external audience. However, in this case, the information is presented to the presenter, Ava Lou Chen herself, reminding us that it’s important to make sure that we address how we are feeling in the present and take the time to truly understand where these emotions originate from to avoid feeling overburdened to the point where it prevents us from taking action. After all, when all the information points one way, it’s hard not to miss the clear signals that disorganized thoughts obscure.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s presentation, and until next time, I shall see you all in next week’s article.

Immersive #13: Mood Board

Creator’s Note: Mood boards are often used as a source of inspiration for something that we hope to create in the future. Sometimes the images we find come from external sources: stock photo insights into a lifestyle or aspiration that resonates with us. Yet, our past is where our own mood is set. The way we’re raised, what we dream about, and the memories we make with others all serves to shape our own identity. In a sense, our upbringing is the original inspiration for who we are now and will become in the future. There can be a tension when using our pasts in our present work in a semi-autobiographical manner, but when you’re the one creating, your experiences are just as valid as the rest.

If you have any thoughts, let me know. Otherwise, I shall see you all in Immersive’s next article!

Immersive #12: Calendar

Creator’s Note: Today’s article explores the idea of scheduling and how college students prioritize their time. Often times, we focus heavily on allocating our time to events or opportunities that will benefit us professionally in hopes that it will best set us up for our future. And while making time to grow and gain new skills is beneficial and should be encouraged, it is when we take it too far and overload our schedules that we run the risk of burnout. We have to remind ourselves that investing in our own mental and physical health is also a valid usage of our time and should be kept in mind when deciding how to spend our spare time.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the medium and the story if you have any, and I shall see you all in Immersive’s next article!