Andrew Lloyd Webber

With the rise of popularity of the Broadway Musical Hamilton for the past several years, the entire Broadway community has gained more popularity.  While Hamilton was one of Lin Manuel Miranda’s first musicals, there are several other composers and playwrights that have created hit after Broadway hit for decades.  The most popular of these composers is Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Webber was born in London in 1948, and has been composing since 1965.  His two most famous musicals are the Phantom Of The Opera, and Cats. He has also composed Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, School of Rock, Sunset Boulevard, and Starlight Express.  Most of his most popular work, like Phantom of the Opera, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat were filmed and made into DVD’s. They were filmed as a Broadway musical using the stage and sets from when they performed on Broadway, they just did not have an audience during the filming.  Another musical of Webber’s musicals that got made into a movie was School of Rock. The School of Rock movie was different from the other two movies that were made because School of Rock was not filmed on a stage. It was filmed on a movie set, the movie was a film adaptation of the musical, whereas the other movies were just recorded versions of the Broadway shows.

All of his movies have some famous actors in them.  Johnny Osmond played Joseph in the movie of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Jack Black was the main character in the movie adaptation of School of Rock.  Webber has a new movie adaptation that is in the works. The movie rendition of his famous musical Cats is casting right now. Cats is set to star several famous actors and singers such as Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Taylor Swift.  Webber has been a big face in creating and composing musicals since the 1970s and he is not going anywhere soon.

525,600 Times I Listened to Musicals This Week

A gif of Judy Garland and Fred Astaire dancing in Easter Parade.

Recently, I went to my friend’s house to help him set up for a party. He and his roommates were getting a little drowsy, so they put on their hype song. As they started belting out Wicked’s “Defying Gravity,” I realized just how much I missed listening to musicals. I wouldn’t exactly call them my “hype songs,” but they certainly have something to them that really gets me energized. I missed that. From the moment Elphaba picked up the tempo and hit those beautiful high notes we all know and love, I knew I was hooked. I found myself joining in, pretending I was a much better singer than I am, serenading my friend.

That night, I opened my computer and went straight to my musicals playlist. I turned up the volume to full blast, hit shuffle, and let the music begin. I sang and danced to myself until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Then, I went to sleep with the sounds of Finding Neverland floating around my mind. When I woke up the next morning, I did it again.

And again.

And again.

Instead of jumping around to One Direction or Justin Bieber’s new albums, I listened to musicals all week. And I’m not even the slightest bit upset.

You see, there’s something very magical about putting on the soundtrack to your favorite musical. You can listen to a whole story in just one sitting. You can feel the ups and downs of the characters without even watching their motions. Musicals have the ability to just make you happy, and as my roommate puts it, “there’s something about singing along that’s different than singing along to normal music.” Who doesn’t want a change up every once in a while, anyway?

So whether you were first turned on to musicals watching Julie Andrews run down a hill with her arms outstretched, or Gene Kelly’s umbrella twirling and splashing got you on your feet, a musical has the ability to make a bad day better. There’s one out there for everyone, so go find the one that makes you smile and make it yours!