Technology Influencing Art

Throughout history technology has influenced art in different ways.  It was used as a medium, like photography and movies. It is also used as an enhancer, like photoshop and video editing.  Technology is also featured in art, with paintings of phones and street lamps. As technology progresses, it becomes easier for all people to use it.  The biggest example for most millenials, including myself, used microsoft paint at one point to make their own art.

Computers have influenced art in a very profound way.  The internet is the biggest factor of this, but it is not the only thing you can do on a computer for art.  The biggest example that I can think of, and that I personally use is microsoft paint. I would spend hours on paint making circles and coloring them in different colors to make an abstract painting.  Another example of non-internet art is photoshop and photo editing. It is very common for people to take their photos and change them to black and white or putting another filter on it. It also used to be a fun past-time to photoshop celebrities into pictures and onto funny backgrounds.

The internet is a big proponent of making art more tangible for the public.  Now people can look up famous artists from the past and present. With a quick Google search one can find out the personal information and art styles of famous artists throughout time.  This means that art can now be seen in more places than just a museum. Schools take advantage of this when teaching students about art. Now they can pull up photos and video tours of large and expensive museums that they can not afford to take their students to.

Social media in particular allows people to be more creative themselves.  It creates a forum for people to express themselves by posting their art online.  Whether that be art that they did not create using technology, like drawings, or art created by technology, like photos.  Social media also allows people to learn how to create art. The biggest example of this is Pinterest, where there are thousands of DIY art projects for whatever you could possibly need.  Youtube also has a lot of DIY content for people to learn whatever they need. I personally use Pinterest on a regular basis for DIY ideas and art projects.

Overall technology, computers specifically, have made art more accessible to the public.  This has helped make people more creative and learn more about art technique and art history.  The internet pushes people to explore their creative sides and to try new things that they never thought they could do before.

Rainy Days:From Photos to Life

Life in Michigan involves various climate changes. It maybe sunny one day and drizzling the next, yet there is always a part of me that enjoys the beauty of the rainy days that come upon us. Mostly from the comfort of my room, I find looking out as the rain pours, the clouds fill the sky, and the darkness takes over the day, a natural beauty has taken over.

I came across photographs of Christophe Jacrot’s work, of rainy days in Paris (can you imagine that being such a bad day?), Tokyo, and Hong-Kong, and couldn’t help but feel connected to the intrigue of nature as a factor of art. The images showcased such perspective of how different rainy days in different countries created different moods and tones for its inhabitants. One photo, Alcootest, showcases a contorted view of a building as a woman walking on a late rainy-day passes it, and another, Huile 5, captures a neon-ed shot of a Hong-Kong city, as the rain softens and lengthens it’s structure.

 70x105 ed.8 / 90x135 ed.6


Jacrot’s photographs give such meaning to the complex time that comes from the rainy season. The power of his images being focused solely on seasonal changes in humanity creates a definitive feeling about how interaction with nature is such an intrinsic emotional connection that comes with a new seasonal change.

80x120 cm ed. 16 / 90x135 cm ed. 12

Jacrot/Huile 5.

If anything,  the rainy days to come, or the most likely snowy days, are opportunities for inspirational and artistic outlets. From seeing the misty silence that captures a town after a long rainfall, to the unified feeling you get from walking next to people who all feel dominated by the pelts of the cold day, there’s something to be inspired by from the nature and world around us.

Check out some of Christophe Jacrot’s Work Here!

A Little Nostalgia

With a new year beginning, feelings of nostalgia are bound to arise in place of past events, people, and art. As the years go by we are graced with new and upcoming artists and artwork that brings about change within how we view certain aspects of life and ourselves. With the start of a new year, it becomes a question of what will be created or discovered this year, that will completely trump anything we’ve ever seen before? What will challenge our views or enlighten our minds? Yet, there will always be a deep appreciation for what art has done to get us where we are today.

Take these photo sets for example:

School Break (Detroit)

Photo Credit:

A New York Minute

batmanpride.tumblr.comMacauley Culkin in Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkTom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You've Got MailPatrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost

Photo Credit:

I loved these photographs because they elicit feelings of nostalgia for the past and greater times, especially when it comes the time for new beginnings. What I also loved was the artistic quality of them and coupling two eras of moments that are completely different from each other.

In art there should always be reverence for artistic history, and what got us to where we are today, but let’s also keep our minds open to whatever creativity can bring us in the future.

A Wolverine Abroad – Point of View

Being in another country changes your perspective so much. When you go on vacation somewhere you see the sights and taste the foods, but when you actually live somewhere that is fundamentally different from everything that you know your entire view changes. Taking a trip to Italy you see the coliseum and the canals of Venice, you taste the pasta, pizza, and gelato, and you hear the people speak without understanding a word. It is all beautiful. But I’ve spent a month and a half here and already I begin to see those things that we miss as tourists. It’s a country filled with immigrants and poverty. There isn’t enough work and the government is struggling to repair itself and its people. The colors start to fade and blend until I can see a sort of grey film. This is what the artist for this week has depicted. Paolo Ventura, a Milanese photographer, had an exhibition at the ever-famous art fair. The works on display were from a collection called “behind the walls.” I found them interesting because of the mode in which everything was grey, but still hopeful. Sad, yet beautiful. Sad beauty is strangely one of my favorite themes in expression and in nature. Enough intro, this is one of his works.

Street music is, as Willy Wonka said, “…a good deed in a weary world” and that is what I think when I see the works of this artist. The people are placed in this tired grey world, but still they work hard and create something so beautiful. And in another work Mr. Ventura shows how nature and man can coexist.

Though the tree has lost its leaves for the greyness of the coming winter, it lives still within the city walls, which in a place like Bologna I’ve learned is something very rare. I’ve never felt so far from trees before, coming from Michigan. And the man holds a bird in his hand, as if it just landed there by itself. At first glance the picture seems be rainy and glum, but looking deeper you see the light of the caffe’ escaping into the street, lighting up the man and his companion. The use of light and shadow in this man’s work is wonderful. He has mastered the use of city light, which is simultaneously bright and dreary.

It is so beautiful to learn about a culture through its developing artists. I’ve studied the artists from the past and have learned about their culture. Now though, seeing artworks like these and researching them further, I am seeing things about life here that these artists are trying to make statements about. I’m excited to continue writing about the art here. Hopefully soon I’ll have some classical art for you. Maybe I’ll check out a museum this week!

Ciao ciao!

Danny Fob

Your Wolverine Abroad Blogger