Evolving Emotions: Anger- Poetry

A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s


Planted on a peculiar carpet

you examine the lanes

sectioned off with yellow stripes

and white lines


Patches of green grass

encircle the buildings,

each with their own symbol

and saturated design


Behind you is a dull



Against your back

lay the bulk of your once proud tower


A’s and B’s

C’s and D’s

strewn about the carpet


By your side

is a pigtailed girl

with pronounced teeth

and corduroy pants


She did this.


Swept up

you shriek and scream

a gut-wrenching howl

over the tower lost

and dignity torn


Tears flow down

with a scowl of bright fury.


your hands wave


pleading for attention,

a witness to this injustice,

this crime of heinous intent.


You cry out for the giant

looming over the threshold

to bring about your uprising

and snatch her and her pigtails

in a fit of glory


With a turn of the head

thunderous booms

and scooping arms


The giants lifts you,

meeting the air


This is not what is just.


You shriek once more

flailing limbs to break free

from this traitorous captor


Your eyes meet the lettered blocks

and the hands

rearranging them

before you are carried away


For an hour-long slumber.

Evolving Emotions: Anger- Poetry



Flecks of glass across hardwood

shimmering in refreshed morning light

like faux emeralds.


Chair legs rest

splintered and sharp

near the toppled kitchen table

that you bought with her.


Looking down

knuckles: green and yellow

with blistery red accents.


Your eyes are red too

like burst fireworks

or spider webs.


Spent, you sit

on an old wine stain

the carpet carries

letting an empty home fill your head

with silence deserved.


Evolving Emotions: Sadness- Poetry



Most days I sit and think

about how I don’t want to be here

nor there

or anywhere.


Neither heaven

nor hell,



a place beyond,

somewhere I can’t get back from,

a plane betwixt time and space,

a void of blank white walls,

a pit of darkness found



My lungs cave in

like they’ll shrivel and fall

caught by my ribs



Ambivalence arrives

as tired tears



Heavy limbs

weighed down

at the realization


that nowhere is impossible.

Inside me is nothing

and I cannot go there


so I must stay

until my days have passed

sitting and thinking

of a place neither here

nor there

or anywhere.

Evolving Emotions: Sadness-Poetry

Eyes of Stained Glass


Baggy sweatpants cling to feeble legs

stale and stiff

needed to be washed days ago.


She didn’t wash them. Like her shoes,

her shoes that were stained,

ruined from a soiled world.


And her hair. Curled

but not elegantly. More like unkempt, uncared for,

a nest on her head. Displayed, but not proudly.


Cowering behind her mask,

her appearance in ruins,

but with no name attached.

A person in crisis, no doubt. But who is she?


Beneath coiled knots are worried eyes,

eyes scared to death over lies

told. Doing ‘fine’ but less alive

the more she lingers.


A mass throbbing in her head,

welling in eyes of stained glass


A sickening black

exhalations into evening air,

with a feeling of lack

and indifference.


A dull exterior,

squirming insides inferior

She was something

made into nothing.

Painting myself in you

Is naming me small diminishing my power 

Am I wrong to be flattered 

You’ve done nothing 

I don’t think 

You don’t deserve scrutiny or skepticism but 

I’m searching for someone in me to tell me if myself is with you 

If when we speak we are on the same page 

If the lines of possibilities that scroll through my head 

Match anything that lies in yours 

Evolving Emotions: Surprise- Poetry

A Wonderous Day


Sun’s rays force squinting eyes

Grass curls between tiny toes

Laughter swirling in air swept

by each cool breeze

Bubbling waters in the pond

dug by able hands

for fish and shelled creatures

to lay and unwind


Tingling hands

A shift in the air

Heads turning in unison

to the house just across the yard


Rushing past familiar beauty

towards an enthralling mystery

behind four walls


Once inside

figures crowded round

blocking view


Some gasp or shriek of glee

at a sight to behold


In the center of the circle

comes barking

Pushing past

there it is

the dog you will know

for years to come


It will touch your life

in a way only it could

But for now,

you gaze in its eyes

and marvel over this wonderous surprise