Shopping on Campus

It literally just blows my mind how much money we spend as students here in college!!
For those of us who live off campus, we have to account for monthly rent, groceries, and commuting to class!! Or, if we have a pet, we need to coordinate our time to them too!
Or even with those of us who do live in one of the dorms, we still spend on snacks, occasionally/always going out to eat when the dining halls don’t suit our tastes, and even clothes!!
Speaking of clothes, I am going to do a shameless plug for the Facebook page I just made!! Its name is “Wolverine Women’s Free and For Sale.” Long story short, I had difficulties with another similar Facebook Page to this, so I created my own!! Unfortunately it is only for ladies, so guys, if you’re interested in a similar page you can create one yourself and invite people to join you!! 🙂
So, I started off college not knowing this page was a thing. I discovered this page around sophomore year. It is called “Ladies of UofM Buy, Sell, and Trade.” What I loved about this page was that it welcomed everyone to sell things, and the things that people posted were usually lightly worn, as in they’re still in good enough condition to be re-worn and purchased by someone else. However, what I did not like was the atmosphere of the page- or at least the atmosphere that the admins created.
In the beginning of my time on this group/page, I loved it! I was able to get the things I wanted for free or for a way cheaper price than at the mall. However, as time progressed, sometimes I had to cancel transactions because I needed to save money for my architecture class supplies,or it was just too inconvenient to keep attempting to meet with the seller(s). The page rules, which is highly patrolled by the unforgiving admin, said “no flaking.” To me, and several other women I have talked to, “flaking” means to cancel a transaction without notifying the seller, or simply not showing up to purchase. My situation is technically not flaking because each time, I very politely told the seller whether or not I was available to purchase! Unfortunately, the admin did not understand my point and banned me from the page, deeming to never un-ban the banned members.
However, I still had stuff to sell, since I was broke and in need of money in college! So, I decided to create a new, better version of that page. In this page, I wanted to punish only the rude and actually flakey people, while preserving a safe, relaxed selling/buying environment that wasn’t so choosy on what you can and cannot post about!
So, this page, unlike the other page, allows for students to post about housing offers, ticket offers, events, and pretty much anything school-appropriate!
I aim for this page to become more popular than the other page because it is much more flexible in the posts’ contents, nobody has to feel bad for trying to save money by cancelling transactions, and whoever was also removed from that page in the past can now re-join this community!
Sorry if this post was more of a rant, but for anyone who is about to join the Ladies of UofM BST page, you can choose to still join that group with caution! I just wanted to share my terrible experience, which I hope nobody ever encounters, and promote my new page!

The link to this page is here:

NOTE: You must be in the Michigan Facebook group, in order to find and request to join!!

Happy shopping and thanks for reading all of this! 🙂

Come At Me, Patriarchy

So, I’m on Youtube. I’m getting ready to watch some sort of video, possibly even just listen to a song while I’m doing my homework, heck, I don’t remember. But of course there was an Ad blocking my way.

Youtube ads are not always a curse to me. Sometimes they’re actual videos, and I like it when they make the “ads” a trailer for a movie. That’s not so bad – it’s not commercialism shoving it’s big ugly face at me in a constant attempt to get me to spend my money on worthless crap. I like movies, and even though they do represent a certain section of commercialism that thrives off of people like me who love to be entertained, I think they still have something to offer.

This, however, was not a movie ad. Darn.

The music started up. It was good music, I noticed. Some pop artist? Maybe. When i jiggled my mouse over the screen, the title came up at the top.

Stuart Weitzman | #ROCKROLLRIDE

Uh…okay. I still have no idea what this is, but hey, still marginally better than a Febreze commercial.

And then I noticed the shots. The angles of the camera. The filters stolen directly from a high schooler’s instagram. This was meant to be “artsy.”

And, of course, objectively I can say that it was creative. It did some cool things with the camera, and the editing was pretty neat with some frame effects. But something was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

The subject of this short film? music video? thing? was in fact two beautiful women. Flowing blonde hair, legs that went on for miles and miles and miles, and some gorgeous trees all around them. Perfect for the film, right?

But instead of presenting these women as women, as people who deserve respect, as people who have opinions and voices and are allowed to think and speak and act however they want – these women were dehumanized. Shots of legs and butts were in front of my screen and I just wanted to go onto the set and yank the camera out of the directors hands and shout YOU ARE RUINING DECADES WORTH OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS. Until the very end of the video I didn’t even get a good look at the faces of these beautiful women. The material itself wasn’t all too bad – it showed the women getting dressed in cute outfits, riding bikes on a trail, driving a flashy cool red car, and, the kicker, riding a motorcycle.

These things in themselves aren’t dehumanizing. Some of them, such as the motorcycle and the expensive car, are things typically attributed to men. But by shooting the women’s butts, by not showing their face, putting an extreme emphasis on their bodies and the way they looked next to these props, it made them seem like objects – like they were just toys that the director was playing with.

You may ask at this moment how this even remotely relates to art. “You’re just an angry feminist ranting about something you happened to come across.” You bet I am. But the fact that the director wanted this to be taken as art, as something to be critically analyzed and thoughtfully considered is a joke. This isn’t art – it’s objectifying women. And what’s worse is that it’s an ad on Youtube, going out to thousands upon millions of people who click on their favorite cat video. This ad-disguised-as-art isn’t art.

It’s a joke. A joke that isn’t funny anymore and needs to end.

For reference, I’m not including a link to the video because I’d rather not promote something that shouldn’t be getting any views at all. Instead, enjoy this lovely video of kittens who love Star Wars a bit too much.