Dreams… are they really just imagination?

I don’t know about you, but during the very few times I’ve dreamed, I have very vivid memories of my dreams. They are so vivid that I cannot distinguish reality from dream, and sometimes I jerk awake and realize it was all a dream, but have the memory of what had happened in the dream. Other times, my dreams jerk me awake, but then I lie there in my bed awake, panicking, believing it had actually happened and I was thinking about what to do next… but often in the process of doing so, I realize the days or times did not match up, therefore the events I was worrying about were nothing but a dream.

Dreams have always fascinated me. The word itself elicits a positive connotation, for its synonyms like goal, or fantasy. However, looking closely at these two different synonyms, it appears that the word “dreams” can still be taken in different ways. For instance, “goal” is something we look to obtain; it’s a stage that we want ourselves to be in, and implies improvement at something that interests us. Fantasy is a similar idea, only that it has more of the connotation that something cannot be obtained… it is something that we constantly yearn and seek to obtain, but in reality, it does not exist. “Dream” seems to be the middle of these two different definitions of its synonyms… perhaps all three could be classified as three different categories of dreams? Scientists have also had a similar fascination with dreams, and they even ask if there is such a thing as a “dreamworld,” as in, suggesting that perhaps dreams were a separate reality in a different realm. Or, they have also considered that perhaps dreams were the only current way that humans could visit the fourth dimension. But, the most popular consensus has it that dreams are simply some sort of bizarre result of our human sleep mechanisms and that certain foods or experiences before our bedtime effect what (or if we have any) dreams.

What is your take on dreams? Comment your answer!!