The Poetry Snapshot: A Different Kind of New

As you grow older,
you set expectations
for the future.

   Neha Allathur Photography © New years 2019, Snoqualmie, WA

You expect every new year
to be the one where you
stick with your goals.
As if, you cannot be capable now.

You expect the future
to be where happiness lies,
and you continue to miss
the joyous moments passing by.

Be excited, feel renewed,
but do not hold onto
expectations for the future.

Falling into the unpredictability,
the only thing that is certain is change.
If you are capable to set goals for the future,
why not start today?

This new year
is a different kind of new.
Not a new year
that starts as a clean slate,
with new habits or new goals.
This new year
is built off the lessons from the past;
being open to change in every way.

The Poetry Snapshot: Explore Deep Waters

Loud voices, outspoken personalities.
The glimmering attraction of success all around us.

Seems as though there is only one
right path to take in this infinite world.
One right path for people to be impressed by me.

 Snoqualmie Falls, WA © Neha Allathur Photography

But is that what I want people to be? Impressed?
Without comparison, impressive is a positive adjective.
But there’s another i  word I prefer.
Another i  word that elicits
action and fosters dynamic change.

Ironic, how similar and interchangeably,
these words are used on the surface level.

But how can people be inspired by someone
who follows the one set path to success.

How can people feel inspired by someone
who stays in shallow waters and
does not explore uncontrollable waves.

It is easy to fall into the spotlight of success
and feel its withdrawals.
But stay strong.
Impressive people will fade away with time.
Inspiring people spark a change in their environment
as their legacy.

The Poetry Snapshot: Changing Perspectives

Think about your future.
Plan long-term.
Dream big.

It’s important to have a north star,
providing you a direction to follow in life.

But it’s easy to get lost in all the noise.

People talking about their accomplishments,
their goals, and their motivations.

They are not coming
from a place of malintent,
but they all make me anxious.

Mailbox Peak © Neha Allathur Photography

They make me nervous that
I am not taking the right path in life.

Stressed that there is no
‘try again’ button in the real world.

Yes, you should have a north star,
but focus on your current path.

If you never look up from your compass,
you’re bound to run into a tree.

Immerse yourself
in the path you’re taking
and in the moment you’re in.

Keep the short-term goals in focus
and pay attention to the space you’re in.

– A small reminder to myself.

The Poetry Snapshot: change in AA

Summer green turns into
vibrant shades of autumn.

This transition happens,
whether I think about it or not.
Whether I want it to or not.

Ann Arbor © Neha Allathur Photography

One morning I notice
my morning walk to class is crisp.

A brisk breeze is hitting my face
and leaves on the ground are
being brushed past my feet
as I walk by freshly carved pumpkins.

I realize I should have worn more layers.
People around me are bundled up
in their scarves and winter boots.

Something about this change feels cozy,
and I cannot help but smile.

I appreciate the beauty of impermanence.
A seasonal love, in a sense.

What a shame it would be,
if summer lasted forever.


The Poetry Snapshot: standing is falling

A step in any direction could lead you down such different paths,
that sometimes it seems easier to stand still in comfort.
Never move forward so you can guarantee not taking the wrong step.

But what is wrong with the wrong step?

Mailbox Peak, WA © Neha Allathur Photography

Is it that you have to
work harder to climb up?
You reach a dead end
and have to back track?

If the right step brings you
to the top of a mountain,
every wrong step creates a
beautiful story of lessons learned
and memories earned.

Standing still only deprives you
of a beautiful view or a beautiful story.

So move, dance, run, leap,
but do not stand still.


The Poetry Snapshot: Instructions for Life

Manuals to assemble furniture.
Guides to care for pets.
Directions to wash your clothes.
Recipes to cook your food.

Unlike everything else,
your life does not come with instructions.
No singular timeline to follow,
or theme on Instagram to match.

Easy enough, your life is yours to live.

But it’s easy to get lost in freedom
Decisions become spiraling voids,
and you become stuck at every fork in the road.

But you have to accept that there’s no perfect journey.
That’s when you begin to enjoy your own energy.

   Anderson Lake, WA © Neha Allathur Photography