Passport to the Arts

Your ticket to great arts - on us

Passport To The Arts is an initiative to encourage new students to explore the arts on campus. Pick up a new Passport ticket voucher every two weeks, and exchange it for a FREE or DISCOUNTED ticket to a great selection of events.

Arts Ambassadors

Connect U-M students to the arts!

The Arts Ambassadors are a student organization designed to increase student awareness of the arts on campus and connect students who share an interest in the arts.

Art Around Town

Explore the arts in downtown Ann Arbor!

This self-guided art tour will welcome you to the rich arts culture that the downtown area has to offer. We highlight free or low-cost arts resources and give you some hints for fun things to spot along the way!

The Accolades Awards

Recognizing outstanding student arts orgs

The Accolades Awards were started in 2014 to recognize U-M student organizations for their outstanding achievements in the arts each year, and for their leadership in the university's vibrant arts community.

Arts Competitions

Share your perspective

Arts at Michigan believes there is an artist inside each of us. Our arts competitions are your opportunity to share your artistic genius! Competitions are held periodically throughout the year, and then the finalists are voted on --by the public.

Haiku of the Week

Share your poetic genius

Each week we feature a Haiku of The Week in our newsletter. Collected from student submissions during Artscapade and via email, We encourage the whole Michigan community to share your own poetic genius. It's easy- 5 syllables, then 7, then 5!

Art Outta Town

Wanna Get outta town?

Join us as we venture outside of Ann Arbor in search of interesting art events. Each year, we bring you to arts experiences outside of Ann Arbor to broaden your perspective.


Kick off the year with the arts

Arts at Michigan and UMMA celebrate Welcome Week by introducing students to the wide array of possibilities for arts participation on campus at an evening of art-making, live music, dance and poetry, games, and prizes.

Science as Art

Exploring Science through Art

Arts at Michigan and ArtsEngine hold an annual Science as Art exhibition, featuring student artwork inspired by and demonstrating scientific ideas and principles. Awards are given out for Best in Show and a range of other categories across a wide range of media.

Lifting Voices

Lift up underrepresented voices & stories

The arts are one of the most powerful tools for giving voice to underrepresented peoples and stories. Arts at Michigan supports art that aims to do this through many of our programs, and this initiative seeks to more clearly recognize these projects, events and opportunities.

Share Your Genius

Providing a platform for student creativity

Arts at Michigan is dedicated to providing a platform for students to share their artistic voice and creativity. Share Your Genius is a suite of programs meant to offer and showcase those voices and visions.

Connecting Student Creatives

Discover and share with fellow creative students!

We're sharing the creative work of U-M students, highlighting some of the many students who make up our campus artistic community: visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, architects, designers, actors, poets, set designers, cartoonists and more!

Doodle of the Week

Share your artistic genius

Each week we feature a Doodle of the Week in our newsletter. Here are the past doodles we’ve featured, created by the Michigan community. Want to share your own artistic genius? Click Learn More for the steps to submit.