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As I See It — Literary Fall 2017

Congrats to Ana Lucena, winner of our 'Michigan in 200 Words' competition!
The votes have been tabulated for the As I See It Literary Competition on the theme 'Michigan in 200 Words!' Students wrote to tell us about their Michigan Experiences, and Ana Lucena's entry, "Blossoming Wile Growing My Thorns" came in first place! We received hundreds of votes online. The finalists are shown below with information about their authors.

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First Place: "Blossoming While Growing My Thorns," by Ana Lucena. Ana wins a $200 Literati Bookstore gift card and some Arts at Michigan swag!

Second Place: "Untitled," by Nur Sarah Shuhaizan . She wins some Arts at Michigan swag!

Third Place: "Wherever You Go" by Ariana Yea. She wins some Arts at Michigan swag!

Blossoming While My Thorns Grow by Ana Lucena, Junior in English (LSA). First place.

Untitled by Nur Sarah Shuhaizan, student in LSA. Second place.

Wherever You Go by Ariana Yea, Junior in Microbiology (LSA). Third place.

Reintegration by Somparna Dhar, Master of Supply Chain Management, Ross School of Business.

Do You See Me? by Yoav Jacob, Sophomore in LSA.

Mine but also yours by Alexandria Nylander, Senior in Psychology (LSA).

Footsteps by Brooke Bacigal, Sophomore in English (LSA).

Important Mistakes by Cameron Milne, Sophomore in Sport Management (Kinesiology).

Novice by Taylor Murray, Freshman in Computer Science (Engineering).

Home by Zoya Gurm, Sophomore in English and Chemistry (LSA).

New In Blue by Maddelynn Horn, Freshman in LSA.

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