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Our dance troupe aims to promote Chinese culture and eastern philosophy through the beauty of performing arts. Moli brings to our audience an eclectic collection of dances and performances that evolve from China's thousands years of history: from tribal ethnic dances, to ancient classical dances, and eventually to modern chinese fusion dances. Through Moli, we bring to the University of Michigan community a unique set of eastern movements, thinking, and arts.History:Moli Dance Troupe was established in 2013 by a group of enthusiastic Chinese dance lovers. In the fall of 2013, Moli's very first debut dance 'Xiu Se' (The elegance of the sleeves), performed in Mendelssohn Theater, was a huge success. 'Xiu Se' and the dance troupe have since attracted many more students who are interested in Chinese culture and Chinese dance.Growth:Moli's literal meaning is the jasemine flower, which is a symbol of friendship in Chinese culture. We welcome both experienced and inexperienced dancers to join the dance troupe. In the long run, Moli aims to expand the realm of performance to Chinese Drama and Chinese costume modeling. We firmly believe that while Moli brings to our audience the best pieces of performing arts from Chinese culture, the strong interests in Eastern arts and dancing in the University of Michigan community will continue support us and help Moli grow.

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