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How can we support your org?

Arts at Michigan supports student arts orgs with publicity, funding, and guidance in their important role in the Michigan arts community! The student arts HUB is designed to help make those connections happen. Tell us how we can help you!

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Student Arts Funding

Arts at Michigan provides the first funding program at the U-M dedicated to supporting undergraduate initiatives in the arts. Student Mini-Grants funding supports arts and cultural projects that have a significant impact on campus life. See if your upcoming project would qualify and apply here!

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Link of the Week

D/ART is a platform for the students of the University to showcase their creative abilities in a public setting right on the Central Campus Diag. D/ART facilitates the interaction between the students on central campus at the University of Michigan and student-designed art installations. Through integrating student art into campus life, D/ART challenges social and cultural perspectives in Ann Arbor by voicing our concerns with topical and/or historical conversations.

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Find a Student Org to join

Want to sing? Or learn to dance? Or dicsuss films? Check out the 200+ student arts organizations in our Student Arts Org directory.

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Start a Student Org

Don’t see a student org that shares your interests or goals? Learn how to start your own Student Organization from the Center for Campus Involvement!

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