PREVIEW: Rosseels String Quartet

PREVIEW: Rosseels String Quartet

Date: Sunday, Dec 13th, 2009

Location: Michigan League – Room D (3rd floor)

Time: 8:30pm

Tickets: free!


String Quartet in a minor, Op. 51 #2 ——————————————————-Johannes Brahms

String Quartet in g minor, Op. 10————————————————————Claude Debussy

Performers: Paula Muldoon and Christopher Jones, violins

Jarita Ng, viola

James Jaffe, cello

Though the Rosseels Quartet is the official “Graduate Student Quartet” at the University, some of them are only undergraduates! This talented group will perform a dramatic piece by Brahms and a dreamy, impressionistic piece by Debussy. Only an hour long, this program will be the perfect study break to clear your mind of the stress of exams and prepare you for a long night of studying.

A reception with delicious cookies with follow.


Cynthia loves peanut butter and football.

2 thoughts to “PREVIEW: Rosseels String Quartet”

  1. Great Program. Must have been fun to play. Brahms and Debussy may have lived in different periods but both can carry us into spheres of musical ecstasy in their own ways. For me, Debussy triggers different emotions, perhaps less ’emotional’, I feel happily detached from the worries, whereas Brahms takes me on a journey that is full with emotion. By the way I enjoy playing my violin with Maestro Strings. They are inexpensive but sound at least as good as Dominant Strings.

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