PREVIEW: The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus + One
The Bad Plus + One

Said by Rolling Stones to be “about as badass as highbrow gets,” The Bad Plus presents a distinctive sound fusing together post-60’s jazz with indie rock to create an entirely new art form, now known as Nu Jazz. They’re no ordinary jazz trio and their unique take on classics create something that is truly inspiring.  (Just for you to get an idea)

The trio formed in 2000 and released their first album on Fresh Sound after playing only three gigs together and have just released their seventh e.p, For All I Care, joined by indie singer/songwriter, Wendy Lewis.  Their catalog is extensive and their performances seem to break the gap between the high culture/low culture distinctions.  As their name suggests, The Bad Plus has recorded jazzed versions of many rock artists.  Nirvana, Pixies, Neil Young, Yes, and Interpol just to name a few. (Check out this rendition of Aphex Twin’s Film)

If you have never gotten into jazz or if you are into jazz come check out these new happenings and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Save the Date!

Who: The Bad Plus

When: Two shows to choose from tomorrow evening, Thursday February 4th, 7:oo p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Where: Lydia Mendelssohn Theater, right inside the League (you can also purchase tickets at the UMS office located in the same building)

See you there!