Preview: Man of La Mancha? Don Right!

That’s right, the epic (and musical) tale of Don Quixote is coming to the University of Michigan thanks to the student run musical theatre company, MUSKET. “Man of La Mancha,” the musical reproduction of Cervantes’ famous novel “Don Quixote,” is a classic and has won 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical. Together with the cast of MUSKET we’ll journey through the strange adventures of the eccentric “knight” as he battles windmill giants and travels the countryside in search of adventure.

I am personally very excited for this event and I have been hoping to attend ever since I heard about it at Gayz Craze during welcoming week (that is a really long wait), so I’m sure that it will be a brilliant show. I’m actually surprised that I managed to snatch this event with all of the other [seen]sters picking fantastic events too. I guess I just got lucky.

I’m going to the last performance, tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, March 21st at 2:00pm. A matinee to help me relax after a long weekend of work and studying (or whatever) sounds perfect. The ticket was only $7 for students ($13 for adults) and I get to go to the Power Center again, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places on campus.

It may be too late to buy your own tickets to this show, I feel for you, I really do, but this is just a reminder to seek out great events like this and experience college to its full extent. Partying can be fun, but try other things too. You never know how much fun you’ll have if you try new things, one of the reasons I have this amazing job as a [seen]ster which provides the resources that make it possible to me to experience this spectrum of art I’ve been writing about all year. Speaking of [art]seen, let me just add a small tip and inform you we’re accepting applications for next year’s [seen]sters. Apply for this amazing opportunity today and you’ll will have an amazing year next year!

Just to remind you what I will be writing about tomorrow:

What: MUSKET’s Man of La Mancha
When: Sunday, March 21st, 2:00pm
Where: Power Center for the Performing Arts
How much: $7

As always,
This is Danny Fob: Artist and Art Reviewer

Danny Fob

I'm a Junior in LSA majoring in Italian and minoring in Art History. I love writing for art[seen] because it gives me the opportunity to show all of these amazing shows that the University brings to Ann Arbor. We get some world class performers and I would be really bummed if I missed out on anything that I'll never have to opportunity to see again. What you need to know about me? I'm not a writer, an art expert, and I didn't grow up around this much culture. I am a busy student at UofM, so if you are judging me for something, it's okay because I won't have time to respond. I'll just keep seeing shows and you can be jealous!