PREVIEW: Comedy Jamm

The Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase hosts its Comedy Jamm night every Wednesday at 8 p.m. For only $5 you can see 12 up-and-coming comedians perform live, most from the Detroit area but others are from various places all over the country. I’ve been once before, and I am looking forward to going again and writing a review for all of you! The one show I attended was pretty interesting–one comedian actually cussed out the crowd and stormed off of the stage because no one was laughing at her jokes! Never a dull moment. Even if the jokes aren’t funny, you can still have a good laugh! Especially if you’ve never had the chance to go to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, you should definitely check out Comedy Jamm on Wednesday night, if not this week, then sometime in the weeks to come. It certainly makes for a cheap, fun night out on the town, and a great way to de-stress on a Wednesday night! Hope to see you there!