REVIEW: The Mystery of Irma Vep

Porscha Kazmierczak’s senior thesis, The Mystery of Irma Vep, was an amazing adventure that was a great break from studying for finals because it provided plenty of laughter and relieved stress. The play runs December 8 through 10 and there are shows at 7pm and 11pm. I went to the 11pm showing on December 9 and the audience were just as good for the show as the actors. It was amazing that two actors played every character in the show and it was highly entertaining. The thing that impressed me the most was how the actors could go from playing a completely different role in a matter of seconds and they always stayed true to whatever character they were playing. Eric Krawczyk and Jackson Pierce were both able to maintain four different characters and switch easily between them as well as deal with quick costume changes. It really displayed the talent of the acting and directing at the University of Michigan because the script as well as how it was portrayed were perfect.

The supplementary actors were great as well. There was an actor who prompted applause, laughter, and gasps with signs and this added to the comedic atmosphere of the play. The sound designer was so good. He sat on the side of the stage and played different sounds depending on what was happening in the scene. He was very into the play and it was obvious that he was having a good time, which made the audience have a good time as well. The actors were not afraid to show a large amount of expression and they even interacted with the audience quite a lot.

The sets of the play were interesting as well because there were different backdrops and they were wonderfully designed. The main sitting of the play was Mandacrest manor and it looked like a genuine mansion.  I have yet to see a play at the Walgreen Drama Center that I did not love. I feel so privileged to see these amazing plays and musicals for free only five minutes away from my dorm. I would recommend that anyone who does not mind commuting to north campus or is already there to see any play put on at the Walgreen Drama Center. Before I came to the University of Michigan I did not have opportunities to see beautifully casted and directed play like this one, so I am extremely content that I have that opportunity now. Take advantage of the talent we have here!