REVIEW: Dance Mix

Dance Mix

Last Friday at The Power Center, Dance Mix took the stage and blew the audience away. The show was high energy, exciting, and full of variety. The program included dances from about ten student dance groups. The Dance Mix Core- comprised of Impact, FunKtion, Element 1, Encore, and Rhythm- organized the event. Earlier in the year, other dance groups auditioned to be featured. Among the groups selected, Cadance, Groove, Photonix, Outrage, Michigan Raas, Bhangra, and Manzil performed. From jazz, to tap, tap, from  lyrical to hip-hop,  from  traditional Indian dance to dance theater, from glow sticks to STOMP style drumming, the evening exhibited a vast array of techniques. Some groups were all female, others were all male. Some were athletic while others were dainty. No matter who showed what,  everyone brought great energy but with their own style. The audience was packed and, throughout the nearly three hour event, remained equally as hyped as the performers. It was a fantastic event and a wonderful culmination to a year of hard work for these dancers.