REVIEW: The Kerrytown Bookfest

The Kerrytown Bookfest

You’ve seen it as a farmers market, an artisans market, a music stage, and a food cart hang out, but have you ever seen it as a bookstore? The Kerrytown Market hosted the 11th Annual Kerrytown Bookfest at the beginning of the month (when it was still hot outside!). From rare books, to handmade journals, to cookbooks, to comic books, to children’s stories, the stalls were packed with pages and pages. Though I did not see or participate, the event also included activities and lectures for book collectors and avid readers. I strolled through with a friend, rather overwhelmed by the many odd jackets and titles. It was a lovely townie event, but to be honest with you, I had misinterpreted the intention of the festival and was slightly disappointed: I imagined more hand bound crafted books, rather than simply used copies of ordinary titles. Despite my slight misconception however, I had an aching urge to buy something  so I bargained for a book called “Wicca in the Kitchen.” I thought it was going to be about witchcraft and magical recipes, but turns it is was a hokie commentary of vegetal properties. You win some you lose some. To stay up to date on Kerrytown market events, click here. See you next time!