PREVIEW: Basement Arts Presents Captive Babries

If you aren’t familiar with Basement Arts, they are a series of FREE student-run plays and performances that typically run in the evenings at the Walgreen Drama Center.

This weekend you have a chance to see the production Captive Barbies, the Hopwood Award-winning play by Levi Stroud and directed by Leia Squillace.

The summary:

Captive Barbies is a fast-paced black comedy that explores the story of the anti-hero, Lee, a criminal that lives in deluded realities, as he attempts to escape the law after committing a serious crime. Along the way to freedom, however, his journey clashes with a love triangle between a (kind of) married couple on the brink of collapse and a closeted cop. His quest for escape becomes impossible as their stories become increasingly entangled and emotions and motives develop. The piece is a meditation on notions of maleness, masculinity, and the conflict that erupts between the true self and the performance of self while facing the restrictions of normativity.

Runs February 26-28
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm
Thursday at 11pm

All performances take place in Studio One of the Walgreen Drama Center, North Campus.


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