REVIEW: That Brown Show

Michigan Sahana music, a coed team, began the show.  They featured singers and musicians of various sorts playing calm music.  There were different kinds of drums, a violin, a keyboard, and more.

Michigan Taal was next, performing their routine flawlessly.  I’ve seen them dance a couple times now, as I have a friend on that team, but they had a different, amazing energy with them last night.


Michigan Raas team went next.  Their routine was based on Avatar: the Last Airbender.  They are a coed team.  There was an Aang character, too!

Maya was the next team onstage.  They are all girls, and only had 5 people onstage at a time.  Their dance involved lots of hand movement.  They were calm, but not boring; it was very different from the other teams.

Michigan Manzil, a coed team, did a routine based on The Wolf of Wall Street.  It was a love story about two college kids who graduate. The guy lands a prestigious job in New York and gets really involved in work and starts to change as work takes over his life. Their relationship crumbles. He begs her to stay so that they can start over and things begin to turn around.  There was a crazy energy from this team!  Two bhangra dancers came out and danced with them for a little bit, as well.

Maize Mirchi, a coed a Capella group sang for a few songs, then Michigan Bhangra team danced.  They are coed and were joined by 3 people from Manzil and Sahana near the end.

Michigan Izzat was after Mirchi.  Their performance was about a police officer in Chicago. His brother is worried about his safety so he lies to him about being a police officer. It turns out that the brother was part of a gang running from the police. This team was all male.  Some guys wore bunny ears and they threw in some ballet routines.


Michigan Sahana, an all female team, danced next.  They featured several classical styles.  Their outfits had a lot of bangles and accessories that made noise as they danced.  Namely, they wore jewelry on their ankles, so whenever they moved or stopped they added to the music.

Overall, That Brown Show was amazing!  It certainly didn’t disappoint.  I look forward to it next year and encourage you to check it out!


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