PREVIEW: Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

Do you love The Simpsons? The game telephone? Enjoy tales with an apocalyptic setting? Then Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn is just the thing to see this weekend as we prepare for the onslaught of midterms.

Though we all love our electronics, this dark comedy of a play being put on by the Department of Theatre and Drama takes place in a world without electricity. Absolutely none. I know. But in this world, theater and The Simpsons are the height of art. The audience is witness to the transformation of familiar tales as time progresses in the play, leaving the world of electricity further and further in the past.  

Sound like a head-spinning time or a good study break? Come support your fellow students! Here are the details:

When: Feb. 16-19
Where: Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre
Tickets: Link Here OR (pssss- this is a Passport to the Arts event)

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