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Not to be a party pooper but in the first half an hour of this movie, I thought I was going to faint because it felt like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde on steroids! Or perhaps a better description would be an ecstasy trip! Or better yet a Lisa Frank’s fantasy world. I should add that I myself have been compared to Elle Woods because of my effervescence. But, I just thought things were a little too happy and the color of the animation a bit over-the-top.

But, as time progressed this movie contained character arcs, changes, and twists and turns.

Brief Synopsis: The Trolls are little critters who are always happy. Always. They hug, sing, dance, scrapbook, and even poop cupcakes! They even plan hug times. But alas, about 20 years ago they were spotted by the Bergens who cannot feel happy. The only times the Bergens can feel happy is if they devour a troll ( talking about an oral fix in terms of filling a void).

20 years later, Princess Poppy is in charge ( her father King Peppy used to be ruler of the roost)- and she is as optimistic and happy as they come. She decides to throw a party to the celebrate the 20th anniversary of the escape from the Bergens. But a rather grey (on inside and outside) troll named Branch says that this would be a terrible idea- because it would attract the Bergens. And he ends up being right.

Some trolls get captured. Poppy realizes that she is one of the only ones who is one of the only ones who is willing to go to Bergenland to get rescue them ( this made me sad and wonder if most of the Trolls happiness and kindness was superficial). On the way she gets captured by spider- like animals in the forest and Branch comes to her rescue.

They make it to the Bergenland where it is soon discovered that the trolls are being guarded by the scullery maid Bridget. They also discover that she has a crush on the prince of the Bergens. They strike a deal with her- that if she frees them, then they can turn her into ‘Lady Glitter Sparkles.”

Eventually the date happens. And later.. the trolls are captured. Partially thanks to a mole troll. Branch gets some color in him. And well… you will have to see the movie to see the rest.

I will say that there are two characters who confess their love by ‘romantic hugs.’ And I was surprised that there were no kisses between such characters! Perhaps, you the reader can guess which two characters romantically hug? The Bergen couple or the troll couple..

The film gives some good messages. Especially that happiness is inside all of us- and that we need a way to access it. A friend of mine recently was saying that she felt that I was discussing a crush/love interest way too much. Her reasoning was that I needed to find God to mainly focus on and that perhaps I had a void. According to the Bergens, you found happiness by eating trolls. I guess Poppy’s answer would be to access the happiness inside you- the happiness that all of us have.

On college campuses many of us do try to look externally to find happiness. Especially through temporary devices of pleasure. Starbucks coffee. Clothes from Pitaya; friends, and even “friends.” With so much stress in a new environment– it’s easy to understand why. But perhaps, we need to be reminded of Poppy’s message- that we have happiness within, we just need to access it.

So if you are thinking of accessing this message or boosting your happiness within go see this movie! With the exception of me most mind find the bright coloredness of this film an amazing world to enter into.

OHHHH and Before I forget I wanted to say that The 70’s music was great as was the 70’s style roller rink segment. Having lost a parent recently, the song “Sound of Silence” was a great one to hear. But for those boosting pleasure and happiness, other songs from hippie, funk, disco era are omnipresent. So go, see and be happy!

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