PREVIEW: Beauty and the Beast

I’ve been Google-Searching Beauty and the Beast on a regular basis for about four months now, and if the conversation among my friends is anything to go by, I haven’t been alone. Judging by the trailer, Disney has pulled out all the stops this time with special effects, an all-star cast, the company’s first openly gay character, and classic musical numbers redone by the likes of John Legend and Ariana Grande. Everyone knows the story of Belle – the smart, ambitious girl who sings about leaving her provincial town, who sacrifices herself to save her father, who learns to see past the Beast’s rough exterior. But that won’t stop any of us from wanting to see it again on the big screen.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m automatically down for anything that even remotely involves Emma Watson.

The movie will be showing in theaters nationwide (including the RAVE in Ann Arbor), starting this Friday, March 17th.

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