REVIEW: Audien at Club Necto

Audien provided attendees with a wild experience during his show on Wednesday at Club Necto. In terms of concert venues, Necto never fails to provide a fun, electrifying environment. The entire lower level fills with people who are usually of one mind about their intent: to dance until their feet are aching. Though some might find this overwhelming, as it can be, it has proven to be intensely fun each time I’ve attended a concert here.

Audien’s set was a variety trance, progressive trance, and occasionally remixes of popular songs. For those who aren’t fans of electronic music, it might have sounded like the same song was playing on repeat the entire night. Nonetheless, the music continued to thrill the audience until past midnight. Each song blended into the next, leaving none of that occasionally awkward silence in concerts, when the magic seems to die down momentarily. Audien masterly navigated the booth, keeping all entertained.

The lights and decorations made for an entrancing sight. The color scheme was largely bright purple and green, creating a practically ethereal feel to the venue.

Upon arrival to the concert, my friends and I stood on the outskirts, unsure if we should join the melee of the lower level. We listened, discussing whether or not we considered ourselves fans of the electric music genre. After ten or so minutes, a song came on that seemed to beckon to us. The music was enchanting, we needed to dance. And dance we did, and we didn’t stop until we decided our feet were too bruised to continue. We lost track of time in the crazy pit of dancers, having no concept of what or where or when, thinking only of the current and next song. I think that’s what a concert should do: allow yourself to be lost in the music.


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