PREVIEW: Elephante

Elephante (Tim Wu)

Born in the great city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, EDM DJ/producer Elephante returns to his hometown for a BigRoom and Progressive concert. The concert is at Necto and part of his “Animals Wanted Tour”. More than likely the infectious dance music is going to attract many people and ensure a killer concert; it’s sure to be a zoo on Thursday.

Tim Wu, otherwise known as Elephante, is a Los Angeles-based DJ/producer. His productions range from big-room progressive house anthems to remixes of popular artists including Lorde and Clean Bandit. Wu first learned classical piano before teaching himself guitar, and initially attempted to break into the music industry as an acoustic singer/songwriter before transitioning to electric dance music.

Elephante was a personal favorite for warm-up CDs back in the glory days of high school sports. His songs were full of fun pop vocal tracks, with beats that you couldn’t help but dance to when you heard them. With concert tickets going at a cheap rate, at an incredibly fun and walkable venue, it’s no wonder this concert is selling out quickly.

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