REVIEW: Women’s Glee Club

“Sisterhood, Song, and Strength.” I thought about what this title meant to me, as a woman here at the University. With a solid history and prominence here, the Women’s Glee Club hosted its fall performance for the 124th year.

I have previously attended a Men’s Glee Club concert, with this being my first time experiencing the Women’s concert. Although not as much of a crowd, anticipations and crowd enthusiasm were still just as high in comparison to the Men’s. As a tribute to the University’s 200th Anniversary, the women opened with “The University.” They then transitioned to songs which seamlessly incorporated the piano, percussion, small group ensembles, and solos. No song was completely the same as the previous or next song to come. Each song was independent in regards to genre, instrumental accompaniments, and alternating conductors. The last two pieces before intermission are what I felt to be the bulk of their overall theme. “Wanting Memories” was a much more engaging piece than its precursors. This performance orchestrated movement from its members, all whilst one glee member was on the bass and another member on the shaker. It was very interactive; the auditorium was overflowing with energy.

Lastly, “Never Sit Down” was a sentimental, touching, and inspiring song, all while incorporating a small playback into groundbreaking history alluding to powerful women such as Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth. “They didn’t sit down…’cause they were working for their freedom…gonna make this world what I want it to be. Gonna stand up for my equality.” Following such powerful statements, we then heard enticing persuasions such as “Come on little lady, be dainty…take a weight off your feet!” In that moment, we were reminded of the backlash these women took when fighting for their freedom; they (the Man) didn’t want to see women succeed. This piece was critical to the theme of “Sisterhood, Song, and Strength.”

Following intermission, the Women invited the Men’s Glee Club to stage to collaborate on songs that the audience followed along with the texts and translations provided to us in the program.

Subsequently given that it was Game Day, we were left with some special songs to encourage that special Game Day spirit! Before such performances, all alumnae of the Women’s Glee Club from the audience were invited to the stage to help transcend the everlasting support they have for the group and emanate some of that school pride to the audience. The Glee members performed “Yellow and Blue” and of course, the highly anticipated, “Varsity Victors.” Kindly enough, the audience was eventually invited to chant along to the Fight Song. ‘Twas a Game Day well spent!

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