PREVIEW: Joy, Despite

Poetry Night in Ann Arbor has been an event for 18 years now. But in my four years of living in Ann Arbor, I had never heard of it until I happened to open (and actually read) one of the all too frequent “upcoming event” emails that find their way into my saturated inbox. For some reason this one I didn’t immediately delete and now, I’m so excited to share a few details about the upcoming Poetry Night in Ann Arbor that I’m going to attend!

The title for this year’s performance is “Joy, Despite”. Their Facebook event describes this idea as: “The despite is obvious- despite hate, despite division, despite racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia. Despite natural disasters and man-made disasters. How do we love ourselves and each other?”.

The performance will feature local artists Kyndall Flowers, Dylan Gilbert and Zaphra Stupple. All of whom have won recognition within the community as excellent artists of their craft. In addition, 10 youth poets will be showcased in performances of spoken word and music. Located in the Keene Theater in East Quad, this event is sure to have something for college students and Ann Arbor residents alike.

Basic Info:
When: Saturday 11/11, 7-9pm
Where: Keene Theater
Tickets info

Natalie Steers

Natalie Steers is pursuing a double major in English and Creative Writing as well as a Minor in Business. She's always had a passion for the arts and her favorite pastimes generally include practicing yoga, reading realistic fiction and fantasy novels, listening to NPR, drinking hot chocolate, and constantly reteaching herself how to knit.

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