PREVIEW: RC Players’ Proof

Proof is a play by David Auburn, that won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play. Featuring a daughter, Catherine, her recently deceased father, and his GSI, Hal, this play touches on grief, mental illness, math, and proof- mathematically and otherwise. The RC Players have tackled this mastery of family dynamics and mathematical intricacies in what promises to be a great production.

In talking with my housemate, Evan Stuber (the show’s Technical Director), he was able to tell me a bit more about how this set was constructed and it’s role within the play as a whole:

“The main piece of the set is a 22 foot movable backdrop that is constructed to change between the living room and the front door of the main character’s house. This changing environment works to immerse the audience more deeply in the narrative playing out on stage and let them travel with the main character as she develops throughout the course of the show. The set build took approximately 20 hours within the course of 4 days.” (Evan Stuber)

Proof will be performing this weekend in the Keene Theater of East Quad Friday (12/1) and Saturday (12/2) at 8pm! Come check it out, take a break from studying, and watch other people do math!

Here is the Facebook event for more updates, a Meet the Cast video, and glimpse of this weekend’s set!

Natalie Steers

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