PREVIEW: Pitch Perfect 3

There were only a few weeks left until I started high school, and the first thing on my to-do list was to see a movie.

Everyone at camp that summer had been talking about this film, making jokes and references and telling me I just HAD to see it.

That movie was Pitch Perfect.

Soon, it became one of my favorite movies. I learned the cup song, incorporated “aca” into my vocabulary, and recreated the audition scene every time “Since U Been Gone” came on the radio. It was like High School Musical but for teenagers, before we realized that no dorm room looked like Beca’s (I wish) and that college parties didn’t actually contain riff-offs.

Now I’m actually in college, and I know these things. I’m morally opposed to sequels and (especially) trilogies. And yet, despite all those things, I’m going to see Pitch Perfect 3 because of the nostalgia, yes, but also because I know that regardless of whether it’s a good movie in the critical sense, I’ll laugh. I know there will be catchy songs involved. And I know that I’ll be entertained.

In the first movie, Beca, an aspiring DJ, is a freshman in college and in the second, she’s a senior with a slightly different group of girls around her. The third movie chronicles their adult lives out of college and what happens when the OG Barden Bellas reunite for one last time.

Pitch Perfect 3 is the final movie in its namesake musical comedy trilogy. It is rated PG-13 and playing in theaters nationwide.

Aria Gerson

Aria Gerson is a sophomore who still doesn't know what she wants to major in. You can find her drinking way too much coffee, listening to depressing indie music, writing about sports for The Michigan Daily or spending way too much time on Twitter, where you can follow her @aria_gerson.

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