PREVIEW: Aftermath: Landscapes of Devastation

Aftermath: Landscapes of Devastation, the UMMA’s latest photography exhibition, promises an unflinching look at environments wrought with destruction and the humans amidst them, as viewed at-scale in front of catastrophe of humbling enormity. Opening this Saturday in the UMMA Photography Gallery, the show features compact snapshots of immense pain and loss, pushing viewers to search for traces of beauty in the midst of and in spite of the most violent of despairs.

The exhibition is on display Jan 13 – May 27 at the UMMA on 525 S. State St.

Presented by the Herbert W. and Susan L. Johe Endowment, with support by the University of Michigan Department of Screen Arts and Cultures and the School for Environment and Sustainability.

Tara Dorje

Tara is a sophomore who loves studying Art History and hates talking about herself in the third-person.

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