PREVIEW: (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow

“This sounds so uncomfortable…and awesome.”

This was my verbal reaction to my roommate, as I scrolled through my UMS email newsletter and read the description for (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow. I clicked on the “Learn More” button; I was intrigued.

FK Alexander

FK Alexander’s performance is 65 minutes of a static recording by Judy Garland singing “Over the Rainbow”; FK Alexander proceeds to sing this song with her over and over again. But she is not alone- she sings it to individual audience members as she holds their hand and stares deeply into their eyes. Uncomfortable, yet?

The Okishima Island Tourist Association, comprised of Lea Cummings and Sarah Glass, add noise and sound to the experience that requires the performance disclaimer to read “This sonically immersive performance features sustained loud noise, strobe lights, and limited seating”. The whole experience sounds overwhelming, strange, and wonderful. Still intrigued and a little apprehensive of what I was signing up for, I bought tickets for me and my roommate- after checking that you volunteer to be sung to and are not chosen randomly for audience participation.

(I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow is part of UMS’ “No Safety Net” series. This is an initiative launched to foster conversations about difficult topics through theater. It’s slogan is “Provocative Theater. Courageous Conversations. Safe Spaces.” It’s purpose is to confront audiences with situations that might be uncomfortable and because of this discomfort, are also awesome art.

To hear more about the “No Safety Net” series, watch this video about other performances coming up. If you’re still curious about (I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow and want reassurance of what you might be getting into check out this preview video.

Friday, January 26 8pm
Saturday, January 27th, 8pm (This performance is 3 hrs with no intermission)
Tuesday, January 30, 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 31 7:30pm
Thursday, February 1 7:30pm
Friday, February 2 8pm
Saturday, February 3 9pm

Location: Stamps Gallery


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