PREVIEW: Blithe Spirit, by the RC Players

A ghost story, but on stage! And it’s funny! In Blithe Spirit, a novelist invites a medium to his home to conduct a seance, so he can collect material for his new book. In the process, the ghost of his first wife is released from the spirit world and attempts to ruin his relationship with his current wife. Prepare for plot twists, deaths, and a sense of comedic doom. Written in 1941, this play lives on (unlike some of its characters).

Check it out in the Keene Theater in the East Quad basement, Friday, March 16th, and Saturday, March 17th, at 8pm! The show is free (though donations are appreciated) and you can see more information at the Facebook event!

Olivia Brinks

I enjoy exploring social and environmental issues through art. I also love sunshine, classical music, blood oranges, and walking to new coffee shops. I can wiggle my ears and plants are my spirit animal.

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