PREVIEW: A Fantastic Woman

The Oscars may be over, but some of its awardees are still trickling into theaters. Hailing from Chile and the winner of Best Foreign Film, A Fantastic Woman has finally arrived in Ann Arbor. The film concerns the experiences of Marina (Daniela Vega), a transgender woman, after her lover dies suddenly.  Daniela Vega’s performance, especially, promises to bring something special to the film. She is one of few trans actresses being cast in a trans role. It will be fascinating to see if her closeness of experience will translate to the screen. All in all, A Fantastic Woman seems to be a thoroughly unique insight into one woman’s life. It is currently showing in the State Theater. Purchase tickets ($8 for students with ID), online at the Michigan Theater website or at the box office.

Corrina Lee

Corrina is a junior majoring in Economics. She writes about movies and art because no one will listen to her rant about Game of Thrones anymore.

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