Have you ever loved to write, compose, direct, produce, and perform musicals but just didn’t have the time to be involved with major productions or declare an acting major? Well there’s a group on campus filled with talent and passion — just not necessarily that time. However, that doesn’t make them any less amazing.

Not Even Really Drama Students, or N.E.R.D.S. is dedicated to exactly that, and they’re bringing an exciting never-before-seen treat to the Union this weekend. This semester’s original musical is called Bloom, and it explores underrepresented sexualities in a world where impromptu love-song duets are of the utmost importance.

Showtimes are Friday, March 30 at 6pm and Saturday, March 31 at 1pm and 7pm in the Anderson room in the Union. And did I mention they’re all FREE? So there’s nothing stopping you from coming out and supporting some of the biggest theatre lovers with their hard work and commitment toward bringing original works for you!

Angela Lin

Angela is a senior studying English and the Environment. The only thing she loves more than writing and the arts are wombats.

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