PREVIEW: Play Structures: Yiu Keung Lee

Every day on my way to class I walk past the Residential College art gallery and peek in to see what look to be small abstract sculptures made out of clay and what looks to be metal and other materials. I can never really tell what they represent, but I plan to find out!

This exhibit was created by artist Yiu Keung Lee, a Hong Kong born graduate of the University of Michigan, who has taught classes at many local universities, including U of M. He also runs a ceramics studio, and is currently working on pieces that are inspired by children’s art. I am curious to learn more about what inspired this exhibit!

Play Structures will be up in the gallery until Friday, April 5th, so get out and see it while you can!

Olivia Brinks

I enjoy exploring social and environmental issues through art. I also love sunshine, classical music, blood oranges, and walking to new coffee shops. I can wiggle my ears and plants are my spirit animal.

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