PREVIEW: A Star is Born

It is not the first time. Or even the second or the third. It is the same story, told under different titles, told by many different actors and actresses. This version is called A Star is Born and it stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Cooper is Jackson Maine, a fading country singer. She is Ally, the waitress with the beautiful voice, who he discovers one alcoholic night. One career falling, one rising. It is a story of contrasts, but also of a journey that can only be taken together. Their relationship is crucial to the film. Judging from the early praise and festival buzz, it seems that Cooper and Lady Gaga were largely successful. A Star is Born is yet another romance after a long drought. I, for one, am quite excited. I am in love with the genre. It will be interesting to see if this remake will be able to live up to its predecessors and the already building hype. A Star is Born is currently showing at the State Theater. Tickets can be bought online or at the box office ($8 with a student ID).

Corrina Lee

Corrina is a junior majoring in Economics. She writes about movies and art because no one will listen to her rant about Game of Thrones anymore.

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