A documentary following the life of Justin Bieber is nothing special.

His story has always been quite public: born into a humble Canadian family, discovered on YouTube, instantly rising to stardom atop such teeny-bopper hits as “Baby” and “My World.”

However, M.I.A. has a little more substance than the average Hollywood Hunk. The daughter of a Tamil activist and revoluntionary, her music reflects growing up during political turmoil. And perhaps we will learn more about the difficulty she’s had with censorship of her work, and her recent announcement that she’ll be taking an extended break from the industry.

Join me at the Michigan Theater to see the mystery unfold with your own eyes.

Showtimes include:

Thursday, 10/18: 7:15 pm in the auditorium or 9:45 pm in the screening room

Thursday, 10/25: 12:00 pm in the auditorium

Emma Pinchak

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