PREVIEW: Fall Film Series: Contemporary Cinema from the Islamic World (Wadjda)

We are often exposed to far too little of the world, even in our self-proclaimed melting-pot of a country. This fall film series is trying to help solve this problem, by presenting several recently-made movies from the Islamic world. If you need a better reason to show up, it’s free!

This week on display is a film called Wadjda, in which a very determined young girl enters a Quran-reciting contest for money to buy a bicycle. Released in 2012, this is amazingly the first feature-length film created by a female Saudi director (Haifaa Al Mansour).

Come watch with me (really, sit with me–I’ll be the one in the lion hat) this Tuesday, October 23 at 7 PM in the East Quad Benzinger Library.

Emma Pinchak

I'm just a lonely cowboy displaced in the city. I don't feel the same under these dim stars.

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