PREVIEW: International Studies Horror Film Fest

Halloween is without a doubt the best holiday in the world. It is a time when the horrors of the night, of the darkest parts of the human psyche, are brought into the light to be reveled in.

With Halloween comes horror movies, of course! And while the great US of A has created a treasury of delightful slasher flicks, we are sometimes lacking in variation. Good thing we have the work of other countries to widen the palate!

Join me at the Hatcher Graduate Library’s Gallery Room from 11 am-6 pm on Halloween (if you’re not too scared). It’s free, there are snacks, and there are English subtitles. I will be in costume to uphold the sanctity of Halloween, and I encourage you to do the same.

Here’s the lineup:

11:00–Little Otik

1:15–What We Do In The Shadows

3:00–Ghost of Mae Nek

5:00–Go Goa Gone

See ya there!

Emma Pinchak

I'm just a lonely cowboy displaced in the city. I don't feel the same under these dim stars.

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