REVIEW: A R I Z O N A with Electric Guest and Mikky Ekko

On a spooky Saturday night on Halloweekend, three wonderful artists and musical groups pumped Hill Auditorium up with some electronic pop and rock music

Mikky Ekko started the night with his synthy retro, rock music that made my heart pound as he danced around onstage. He got so into it that during one song, he unfortunately broke a very expensive bracelet. However, that just proves how much of a show he was putting on for us.

Mikky Ekko ended his set with the hit song he co-wrote and performed with Rihanna, “Stay.” His beautiful solo rendition of it was tender and raw as he walked among the audience of the main floor, hugging people as his voice, so emotional and pure, carried throughout the auditorium, echoed by everyone else singing along. His new album comes out in a few days in November, so you can be sure to check that out soon.

Then, Electric Guest took the stage, Asa Taccone being led out as a colorful mask covered his face for the first song. More people were dancing along to the electronic pop that was lighter than the previous set. While their soulful indietronica was a slightly different vibe from Mikky Ekko, the two openers had their own style that made the entire show cohesive and enjoyable.

Finally, the crowd was fully energized and when A R I Z O N A came out, everyone was on their feet and dancing as the main act performed all their hit songs, including “I Was Wrong”, “Oceans Away”, “Cross My Mind”, “Let Me Touch Your Fire”, “Summer Days”, “Freaking Out”, and more.

Despite a PA system problem during their third song, the band carried on with poise, whether it was by playing guitar and singing despite no one being able to hear, playing on with the drums since that’s the only thing people can hear, or just dancing around on stage, making the best out of an unfortunate situation for a live music concert.

In between songs, lead singer Zachary Charles went into a long monologue about their struggles and perseverance as a band who followed their passions. He urged everyone to follow their dreams and do something they love because otherwise, they are wasting their lives. The amount of fun and joy the members of A R I Z O N A, as well as Electric Guest and Mikky Ekko, had onstage was proof enough that listening to what you truly enjoy doing, even if other people are doubtful or discouraging, will result in you being happy and content, and in this short life, there’s nothing more important than that.

The night was filled with dancing and passion and singing and joy and inspiration, and what more could you want from a concert on Halloweekend?

Angela Lin

Angela is a senior studying English and the Environment. The only thing she loves more than writing and the arts are wombats.

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