PREVIEW: The Czech Philharmonic

Tomorrow, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing at Hill Auditorium lead by Semyon Bychkov. Beginning the performance will be Dvorak’s Cello Concerto in b minor, the composer who actually lead this Orchestra’s inaugural concert in 1894. This will be followed by Serenade for Strings and Francesca da Rimini, both by Tchaikovsky.

The Cello Concerto was written at the end of Dvorak’s career as part of his reflection on his time in America and to memorialize his sister in law who died while he was composing the piece. To solve the problem of the cello’s lower register against the orchestra he plays it against different combinations of wood soloists while also lowering the volume of the accompaniment.

The one piece by Tchaikovsky, Francesca da Ramini, is a piece meant to embody the character of the same name in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Called a “symphonic poem”, it is a musical telling of her and her married lover who were killed and condemned to hell because of their adultery.

As a dancer, I am very excited to listen to Serenade for Strings, the other piece by Tchaikovsky. It is very familiar to me as a renowned ballet, called Serenade, is choreographed to it. I look forward to being able to really sit back and just immerse myself in the music without having to dance to it, though no doubt I will be picturing the steps in my head.

The performance takes place at 7:30 p.m, and any tickets may be bought at


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