PREVIEW: Aida Cuevas


Since 1975, Aida Gabriela Cuevas Castillo has demonstrated to her beloved homeland of Mexico and to the expanse of Latinoamerica her extraordinary talent as a traditional mariachi vocalist, hereafter deemed “La Voz de Mexico” and “The Queen of Ranchera Music” by many. As a girl originating from la Ciudad de Mexico, Aida Cuevas was born with a deep, rich tone that resonates throughout the hills that envelop the city and naturally cuts through the vast blue skies of the Southern Hemisphere. With her arrival in Ann Arbor on Friday (11/02/18), viewers should expect the same authentic musicality and powerful energy to reverberate between the walls of the Hill Auditorium. As she takes the stage with her accompanying mariachi band, Mariachi Juvenil Tecalitlan, performing a tribute to Juan Gabriel, Aida Cuevas is certain to pull the heartstrings of those who know her music, make those belonging to the Hispanic community proud that she is representing and sharing their culture in an authentic way, and capture the hearts of those who have yet to experience her moving charisma and zeal for el mariachi.

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