PREVIEW: hand&hand BFA Senior Dance Concert

My mother signed me up for ballet and tap dancing at the tender, undeserving age of three. I quit when I was five because I hated the makeup I had to wear on recital days. But my passion for the art unfortunately lived on, giving me far too much confidence in my “abilities” until I got to middle school, when school dances forced me to realize I had at least fourteen left feet.

Sometimes we need to face our realities and learn to appreciate folks talented at things we may never master. This lets us experience and support more of the world’s talent and culture. So join me at the Betty Pease Studio Theater in the Dance Building to see the senior dance majors Alyssa Gorman, Annelise Senkowski, Kandis Terry, and Amy Wensley perform their solo and group choreographies.

The shows are November 15-17, each at 8 PM. Tickets are for sale at the door for $7. Come by and show your support for some true talents!


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