PREVIEW: UM Slam Poetry December show

This is a student event ran by UM Slam Poetry club and is at the Kalamazoo room in the Michigan League at 7pm on Thursday, December 6th.

Slam Poetry is a writing style that has taken off in popularity in our generation. The only poetry recitals/shows I ever see (or hear of) are slam poetry shows. Come watch U of M’s best performers and be part of a generational literary movement. No matter how you are feeling: depressed, angry, happy, remorseful, forgotten, there will be a slam poem for you.

If you enjoy writing slam poetry, any one can perform at this event. You can perform in a judge-free open mic or be an actual competitor and get some direct feedback.  If you don’t want to read but still want to be involved, anyone in the audience can volunteer and be a judge of the poems.

Because I am so excited I attached my two favorite slam poems. Performed and written by college students.

Ronald McTrump

I am a senior studying business and I have lots of travelling experience in Asia. I am very pessimistic and opinionated about life, but art brings me happiness and I hope my pessimism isn't apparent in my reviews, for the sake of the artists!

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